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Hintenberg Machine Quilting Frame

Hintenberg Machine Quilting Frame

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Sale price:$695.00
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  • This frame is designed so that you can comfortably sit at your frame while quilting.
  • Easily disassembles without tools for storage.
  • Sturdy construction and rigid design
  • Your sewing machine glides effortlessly in all directions.
  • We only use high-quality, sealed, precision bearings on our machine carriages for fluid movement.
  • Adapts easily to your own sewing machine up to 10". PC Quilter compatible.
  • Quilters Cruise Control compatible.
  • Precise roller tension and height adjustment. End tensioning system included.
  • Pointer package included
  • Carriage mounted handles included
  • You provide 5 metal conduit rollers, and a 1"x8" template board.
  • Pre-cut template boards available.
  • Can be up to 10 feet in length for king size quilts. (120")
  • Quality wood product, proudly made in U.S.A.
  • Shipping Charges apply (over-size item)
  • Many Accessories available (hin-qui-frame)


  • Quilting Area:
  • Distance between the poles is 11"
  • Maximum Roller length is 10' which gives maximum 114" of quilting area.
  • Total Maximum quilting area is 10"x114"

    Height of quilting area:

  • The roller height is adjustable to accomodate different machines.Typically the quilting area is between 32" and 35" above the floor.

    Size of the frame:

  • The frame is 28" from front to rear. (38" with front roller up). It can be a maximum of 10' wide which will hold a standard king size quilt..


  • You purchase the rollers for your frame locally. The material you buy is called 1-1/4" thinwall metal conduit. It is available at most building supply stores such as Home Depot, Lowe's, Menards etc. In most cases the store personnel will cut the rollers to length. The rollers are around $15.00 each.

  • The rollers are integral to the structure of the frame. The sturdiness and smoothness of our frame stems from the fact that we use these large-diameter rollers with no connectors or joints. It would be prohibitively expensive for us to ship these rollers to customers. Therefore the customer is getting a very sturdy quilting set-up and saving money at the same time.
  • We have been using the conduit for the roller material in our Easy Build Kits for over 10 years and haven't had problems with it yet. It is very strong and will last the life of your frame.
  • Very recently, we have developed a package for sale separately from the frame which allows the customer to use a " thinwall conduit roller for the rear quilt roller. With this smaller-size roller in the throat of the sewing machine, it reduces the bulk of the quilt and allows for more machine movement.

    Carriage (18"x8-1/4"):

  • The carriage holds your sewing machine. The carriage rolls under the quilt and is supported by two rollers. The carriage is wooden and uses precision grade sealed bearings as wheels. These top quality bearings make the carriage movement extremely smooth.

    Ratchet wheel tensioning with fine-toothed ratchets for precision adjustments.

    The front roller drops down during quilting so that you can get close to your stitches. This enables you to quilt intricate designs from a comfortable, seated position.

    The front roller swings up making it easier to attach your quilt to the rollers.

    Quilt roller height adjustment is simple and precise with adjuster knobs, threaded adjustment screws, and height scales on each end.

    All rollers lift out of the frame for easy storage.

    Your sewing machine sits on our carriage which glides easily across your quilt on precision, sealed bearings.

    The handle is completely adjustable to your preferred height and tilt settings.

    We also carry a handle mounted speed control. It is adaptable to any machine.

    You can quilt comfortably from the front of the frame. The area under the frame is completely open with plenty of room for your knees under the frame.

    You can also quilt from the rear of the frame using the template guide. To do this, a paper pattern is laid out on the template board. You trace the template design using the crosshairs (included) attached to the machine carriage. This is an easy way to transfer designs from paper to your quilt.
    We also carry grooved template boards. These boards have pantographs carved into them with computer controlled routers. With our included template follower pointer, you place the pointer into the groove and your frame will automatically trace the pre-routed design.

    The sewing machine carriage is designed to use metal bearings guided by metal grooves. These are high-quality sealed bearings. This means that any fuzz or threads will not clog the bearing. The bearings are designed to roll smoothly with a very long life. In this case, metal on metal results in a smooth carriage system with a long life.

    It is easy to attach your quilt to the frame. Instructions are included with the frame. To attach your quilt, use heavy duty tape to attach fabric leaders permanantly to your poles. You then pin your quilt fabric to the heavy duty fabric. There is no chance of of getting tape residue on your quilt fabric. We carry the pre-cut cloth leaders. They are long enough for 10' poles and the edges are serged to prevent fraying.

    You provide:

    Five 1-1/4" thinwall conduit rollers. These are available in up to 10' lenghts.
    One 1"x8" board to be used for the template board.

    These materials are readily available at your local hardware or home-improvement store. Obtaining these materials yourself allows us to lower the cost of the frame. It also saves you money on shipping.

    This frame comes with a five-year warranty against manufacturing or material defects. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee (does not include shipping cost) if you are not completely satisfied.

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