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  • Pfaff Hobby 1132

    Call for availability 877-251-3334

    Pfaff Hobby 1132 <li>Call for price and availability 877-251-3334Easy to use, smart design! Everyone can sew with a hobby from Pfaff. They offer just the right variety of features! A great selection of Pfaff's high-quality stitches (including a buttonhole). Stitch lengths are adjustable up to 4mm. Easy threading thanks to marked threading paths and a drop-in bobbin! The bobbin thread is picked up automatically. Many accessories to get you started,plus a carrying case for protection! Oil-free maintenance. Sewing is quiet and smooth, with no oily stains left on your fabric.
  • Innovative German Design Easy to use! All stitches are clearly shown in front of you including the recommended presser foot.
  • 17 High quality stitches.
  • Easy threading thanks to marked threading paths and a drop in bobbin! The bobbin thread is picked up automatically!
  • Sew in reverse easily by pressing the reverse stitch lever. Practical for tying-off beginnings and ends of seams.
  • All accessories to get you started including, Zig Zag Foot, Blind Stitch Foot, Zipper Foot, Sliding Buttonhole Foot, bobbins, needles and more!
  • Oil free! No need for greasy maintenance. Sew quietly and smoothly without the risk of staining your fabrics.
  • Sturdy hard cover included! To protect your hobby when not in use.
  • Slim free arm for working on tubular items such as cuffs, trouser legs, necklines and more.
  • 6 Variable needle positions! For precise topstitching, without having to move the fabric. Perfect for sewing zippers in place.
  • Extra spoolpin included for easy bobbin winding. Can also be used for sewing with a twin needle!
  • Adjustable stitch length up to 4 mm!
  • Buttonholes are easily sewn! Stitch density can be adjusted according to the fabric.
  • High presser foot clearance to make room for heavy fabrics or several layers of fabric!
  • Easy change of presserfeet just push a button and the presserfoot is released!
  • Ideal for quilting and patchwork! The most common measurements are marked on the needleplate in millimeters and inches.
  • Sew on buttons easily done with a hobby!
  • Easily accessible thread cutter easy to reach on the side of your hobby.
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure for even fabric feed. Adjustable stitch width up to 5 mm!

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    Pfaff Hobby 1132
  • Call for price and availability 877-251-3334