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Pinnacle Quilting Frame The New Grace No-Baste Alluminum Frame

Pinnacle Quilting Frame The New Grace No-Baste Alluminum Frame

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Introducing the NEW Pinnacle No-baste Machine Quilter The Grace Pinnacle Frame is Machine Quilting Frame designed for the optimal quilting experience with completely new innovative frame components, improved performance and simple assembly. Rail extensions (included) take the frame out to King (120"), or you may set it up in Crib (60").

The Pinnacle is the all-inclusive frame! It includes a work area expandable to king and accommodates most home, mid- and long-arm machines up to 18"


  • Fits Machines with up to 18" throatIf your machine demention 20"X10"14" inside height it will fit this carriage
  • TWO SIZES INC. 60" Crib and 120" King 50" Floor to top of frame
  • (Plan for 3-4 inches space on each side of your fabric)
  • Carriage will move 16" forward and back
  • 10" Wide X 20" Long X 14" Inside Height ( If the sewing machine is with in these dimensions it will work on our platform )
  • Profesional Rail System Easy-in easy out rails with new rigid 2" Diameter and a high precision ratcheting sys.
  • Easy Side tension
  • Professional Series Carriage Provides enhanced stability
  • Four Rail Frame

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  • The Grace Pinnacle Quilting Frame

    New Smooth, Seamless Tracking; No Metal on Metal. The key to the entire system is how thesewing machine tracks. With the Pinnacle your machine rests on two specially designed, sturdy plates that track perfectly with ball-bearing rollers for an incredibly smooth ride. There is no wobbling. These plates allow for up to 16 inches of forward/reverse travel in the work area. The only limit to your reach is your own machine. The carriage accommodates any machine with up to an 18"; throat space. It provides enhanced stability and locks your machine in place with four base clamps.

    Easy Grip Handles

    Quilt on Either Side of the Frame.
    Easy-grip handles allow quilting from both sides of the frame

    A Smooth Cushioned Ride

    We provide the following for the smoothest, quietest track system you can find:
    1)Precision bearing wheels
    2) Wobble-Free platforms
    3)Seamless plastic tracks that install perfectly straight--No seams or bumps!


    Smooth Tracking

    The tracks for the bottom plate are engineered specifically for the Pinnacle out of ABS plastic. During the research stage we experimented with several different combinations of material, including metal tracking, but then we found the feel of metal-on-metal to be too cold and noisy ;like fingernails on a chalkboard. After trying the cushioned, smooth ride of steel wheels on plastic, it was an easy decision. The tracks are in-set on the tabletops in pre-cut grooves, so they automatically align and are guaranteed to stay straight, so you never have to worry about them being mis-aligned! With the track being one single length, there is no worry of seams or bumps.

    Easy Side Tension

    The Pinnalce comes with four side-tension clamps (two for each side). Simply apply the clamp then pull and secure the bungee cord in the side slot. Fast and easy!

    Fabri-Fast Rails Included

    This is a no-baste, four-rail system. Our custom designed rails come with the new Fabri-Fast system for fast and easy fabric installation. Simply push your fabric and tubing into the Fabri-Fast slot with the Fabri-fast tool included. Fabric goes in and stays in straight and clean.

    Sturdy Design

    The Pinnacle's Sturdy design includes table tops ideal for pantographs. Aluminum track supports add to the frames robust construction and professional appearance.

    Maximum Stability

    The frame has an angled leg design to maximize stability. Customized components include reinforced thermoplastic rail uprights, rigid steel and aluminum supports and matte-finished table surfaces.

    Professional Rail System

    The Easy-in, Easy-out rails install with ease, and roll using a high-precision ratcheting system. Advance and reverse your quilt with the simple flip of a switch.

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    Pinnacle Quilting Frame The New Grace No-Baste Alluminum Frame